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Why Smart Vent Matters To Land Surveyors

Eliminate the Liability of calculating potentially non-compliant flood openings. Smart Vent has been nationally tested and certified for flood coverage based on performance, not net open area.


As a Surveyor, you are in charge of documenting where Smart Vent is installed in a residential or non-residential structure to ensure it meets the NFIP and FEMA flood codes and regulations. Documenting this will also assist the compliance/non-compliance of structures built in a Special Flood Hazard Area on FEMA’s Elevation Certificate, while also ensuring engineered flood vents are installed to the NFIP and FEMA guidelines.

Compliant homeowners will receive the lowest premium available. If non-compliant, the Elevation Certificate will point out to the Insurance Agent what area the homeowner needs to change to become compliant and thus receive a lower premium. A frequent red flag for structure compliance is proper flood openings.

NEW: Flood Risk Evaluator Service for Elevation Certificates

FRE Sample Report

The F.R.E. Team of Certified Floodplain Managers reviews FEMA Elevation Certificates sent in by Surveyors. We then, send back a certified and insured Flood Risk Evaluation Report to you.

The report will detail any possible steps, including mitigation, necessary for a home to be compliant and receive the lowest possible flood insurance premium. All this information is presented in a simple, detailed handout for you to present your clients.

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We’ve spent many years studying the science of flood mitigation and the effects flood waters could have on a poorly protected home. In fact, the SMART VENT Team is certified to instruct and provide learning credits to Architects, Builders, Certified Floodplain Managers, Code Officials, Engineers, Insurance Agents, Realtors, and Surveyors in many states.

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