HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive

HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive
HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive in Gray or White
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HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive N/A N/A
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About Options & Accessories

Custom Configurations

SMART VENT has a team of engineers and Certified Floodplain Managers on hand to help you with your next commercial project. We have the capabilities of designing and manufacturing custom frames to accommodate our 16-in. x 8-in. & 14 1/2-in. x 8 1/2-in. flood vent doors. These custom frames allow you to get the required flood protection for the project square footage with fewer openings. These frames and flood doors are available in powder coat colors: white, wheat, gray and black.

We offer full CAD capabilities that allow you to implement the custom frame design easily into your project drawings. We will assist in proper vent placement and help with all phases of the project to assure the flood vent system is installed correctly and is to your specifications. To start the custom frame design process, please contact our technical support team at 877-441-8368.

Flood Vent Sealing Kit

The NEW Flood Vent Sealing Kit (Model #‘s 1540-526 and 1540-526-2) works to create a tight seal behind the vent opening and finish off the interior space while the vent is not in use. When a flood event occurs, the pre-cut Homasote® material blows out from the area in the center, creating a now unobstructed opening to allow the insulated flood door to open automatically. Because the Homasote® is composed of 98% recycled material, it is biodegradable and will decompose leading to less post-flood cleanup.

This simple, energy efficient upgrade is for any new or existing SMART VENT Insulated Models (1540-520 and 1540-521) in your home or business, which exceeds the 2018 energy codes.

For more information, please contact our sales team by phone at (877) 441-8368 or by email.

Trim & Sleeve Kits/Fire Dampers

The Trim Flange unit fits into the rough opening to provide a clean finished look on the interior wall. Trim flanges are available for use with standard masonry flood vents (1540-533) and Wood Wall Models (4” depth 1540-573 and 9” depth 1540-573-9) come standard in white.

The stainless steel sleeve lining is available in a 7 inch sleeve that can expand up to 12 inches, and a 10 inch sleeve that can expand up to 15 inches.

SMART VENT offers two UL-certified Fire Damper models. A masonry installation model (1540-530) and a wood wall installation model (1540-537). These fire dampers are certified to provide two hours of fire resistance. It is intended to be used in a situation in which fire proofing is required on a wall in which flood venting is installed, usually in a garage or vestibule. A fusible link holds a galvanized steel door in place. At 165°F (73.9°C), the link melts to permit the door to drop, blocking the path of the fire. Compatible with SMART VENT and FLOOD VENT models - The Fire Damper can safely be installed in the same cavity for either of the flood protection models, without interfering in their operation. Trim flange and inner sleeve are required for installation as well as a 8-inch minimum wall depth. For more information please view our Accessories Spec Sheet.

Pour-in-Place Vinyl Bucks

The SMART VENT Pour-in-Place Vinyl Buck is made of high strength PVC. Each wall buck accepts SMART VENT models 1540-510, 1540-511, 1540-150202E (1540-0039) and FLOOD VENT models 1540-520, 1540-521, 1540-150202E (1540-0239) flood vents. Fully assembled units are shipped ready to install with a protective film and wood bracing that protects the buck and flood vent when the wall is poured.

The SMART VENT Pour-in-Place Vinyl Buck comes in several widths to accommodate most standard wall thicknesses. For Model Numbers and more please view our Pour-in-Place Buck Spec Sheet.

HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive & Sealant

HurriBond™ is a single component, multi-purpose hybrid adhesive & sealant. It has been specifically formulated to be VOC compliant, fast curing, and UV stable to offer superior all weather performance and is specified for the installation of SMART VENTs.

HurriBond™ 2in1 Adhesive & Sealant comes in gray and white to accommodate a variety of applications.

For more information, please view our HurriBond™ Spec Sheet.
For purchases, please call (877) 441-8368 or by email.

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