Multi-Frame Trim and Sleeve Kit 6"-12" Wall

The Trim and Sleeve Kit is composed of a Finish Flange and a Sleeve lining that fits into the rough opening to provide a clean finished look on the interior wall. Trim flanges are available for use with standard masonry flood vents (1540-533) as well as our stacker and multi-frame models in stainless steel.  Trim Flanges are available for Wood Wall Models (4” depth 1540-573 and 9” depth 1540-573-9) in standard, powder-coated white.

The stainless steel sleeve lining that comes with the 1540-910202E can span to cover a wall depth between 6" and 12"

Model Number


  • Flood Coverage N/A
  • Air Ventilation N/A
  • Vent Size 32.5"w x 16"h x Varies
  • Rough Opening 33"w x 16.375"h
  • Available Colors Stainless Steel Only


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