Top Architecture Firm Chooses SMART VENT For New Medical Facility

Stevens & Wilkinson Architects Trust Industry Leading Flood Vents For Medical University of South Carolina Project

Recognized for its quality and versatility, Smart Vent Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that the SMART VENT® Foundation Flood Vent System has recently been chosen for another prestigious commercial application. After extensive research, Stevens & Wilkinson Architects chose SMART VENT for the flood protection and air ventilation needs of the new James E. Clyburn Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

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Located in a flood zone, it was determined that the first floor of the James E. Clyburn Research Center would be elevated above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) on a crawl space. With a crawl space, access to utility lines and maintenance could be performed from under the building, rather than inside.

“In consideration of the structural requirements, utility piping access, and ventilation necessity, it was determined to incorporate flood vents in lieu of dry flood proofing. Once we confirmed that we were going to elevate the first floor above the BFE on a crawlspace, the need for compliant flood vents presented itself,” said Bill Fleming, Associate V.P. -Senior Architect, Stevens & Wilkinson Architects. “After reviewing SMART VENT’s series of dual function vents, and conversing with the companies highly knowledgeable technical staff, it was clear that SMART VENT was the right product for the job.”

Charleston Medical Flood Vent

Certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)  and accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), SMART VENT meets all flood venting and air ventilation code requirements necessary for the project.

“The SMART VENT products allowed us to meet the functional requirements of the crawl space as well as providing an aesthetic character that worked well with the exterior building vernacular,” said Fleming.

Combining functionality with style, Smart Vent Products, Inc offers custom configuration frames for commercial applications. For the James E. Clyburn Research Center, Smart Vent developed in-depth CAD files for the custom frames that made it simple to specify SMART VENT right on the project plans.

“Smart Vent is honored to have worked closely with Stevens & Wilkinson to fill their flood proofing needs for this floodplain project. A medical university of this standard requires proven flood vent protection. It is reinsuring to all parties involved with this project to know that the most critical part of the building, the foundation, is properly protected with a certified flood vent system,” said Tom Little, Vice President Smart Vent Products, Inc.

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