SMART VENT Offers Retrofit Solution For Security-Faulted Air Vents

Use of Non-Compliant Air Vents as Flood Vents is the Reason For Over 20 Home Burglaries in Wildwood, NJ

Leading the way in revolutionary flood damage mitigation products, Smart Vent Products, Inc. would like to present their award-winning product, SMART VENT®, as a solution to combat the surge of home robberies on the shoreline of New Jersey.  Offering the most advanced flood protection in the industry, the FEMA-Accepted SMART VENT Foundation Flood Vents protect buildings from the devastation and destruction that a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster can cause, while also protecting homes and families from getting burglarized.

In the past few days, more than twenty families have fallen victim to a recent string of home burglaries in Wildwood, New Jersey, reports ABC News.  Upon further inspection, it was concluded that the thieves were able to get inside these shoreline homes through thin plastic, non-compliant, non-engineered flood vents.  These non-engineered vents were 12x18 inches and large enough for the robbers to fit through.  On the contrast, SMART VENT’S engineered flood vents measure only 8x16 inches and are ICC-ES Certified to cover an astonishing 200 square feet of flood coverage per vent.

This allows SMART VENT to optimally provide a cost-effective retrofit solution that has tested and certified coverage, without the need to expand the size of their flood openings. Expanding on their dedication to safety, the Stainless Steel SMART VENT also comes with security clips and installation straps to secure the vent into the wall. SMART VENTS will provide code compliance, low flood insurance premiums, foundation protection, and most importantly, security.

Wildwood, NJ - Flood Vent Solution

”It’s absolutely crazy to see the use of these non-compliant air vents as flood vents. Air vents were not designed to perform during a flood and have never been tested in flood scenarios. A low-quality air vent that size provides no security against robbers as they can easily dismantle and fit through the opening. Our smaller 8 x 16 inch stainless steel SMART VENT was designed with every security measure in mind and is the only nationally certified and tested flood vent on the market,” said Brian Shaw, Business Development Manager of Smart Vent Product, Inc.

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