New Foundation Flood Vent System Provides Smart Home Solution

SMART VENT Offers Superior Flood Protection
and Natural Air Ventilation

Leading the way in revolutionary flood damage mitigation products, Smart Vent Products, Inc. is proud to present their award winning product, SMART VENT®. Offering the most advanced flood protection in the industry, the SMART VENT automatic foundation flood vents protect buildings from the devastation and destruction that a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster can cause.

Certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES)  and accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), each standard vent model is certified for 200 square feet of flood coverage. Providing on average 80% more coverage compared to a non-compliant air vent. Using fewer vents preserves the structural integrity and aesthetic beauty of a building with a product specifically designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure off a foundation wall during a flood event.

SMART VENT in Action

SMART VENT provides a line of engineered openings that utilizes the best flood venting practices to out perform a traditional air vent. Controlled by patented dual floats, SMART VENT automatically opens when flood water levels rise, without electricity and without human intervention. Temperature controlled louvers control the airflow in and out of a crawlspace on all dual function models. When tragedy strikes, SMART VENT springs to action, equalizing the pressure associated with floodwaters and allowing debris in those waters to pass through the opening without clogging. This design feature saves homes from untold foundation damage. Substituting an air vent for a certified flood vent can be catastrophic; air vents clog with debris and are not designed to relieve hydrostatic floodwater pressure. SMART VENT has worked extremely hard to offer a line of ICC-ES certified flood vents that meet and exceed all national & state building codes along with all FEMA and NFIP regulations.

Models available range from dual-function, insulated, garage door applications, and pour-in-place buck kits to trim flange accessories and fire dampers. For large commercial buildings custom configuration frames are available.  Every SMART VENT is constructed from high-quality 316 stainless steel that exceeds all flood and corrosion requirements. SMART VENT’s standard finish is stainless steel; with powder coat painted options available in white, wheat, gray, or black.

“With a model for every type of construction application, our certified line of flood vents make building in a FEMA flood zone a hassle free experience,” said Tom Little, Vice President of Smart Vent Products, Inc.
SMART VENT offers AIA continuing education for Architects, as well as in-depth CAD files, specs and videos. SMART VENT has won a number of awards for its innovative solution, has been praised by building professionals across the country, and is committed to providing the best protection for foundations when disaster strikes.

To see why the nation’s top contractors, architects, builders, code officials and homeowners are turning to SMART VENT foundation flood vents, or to locate a SMART VENT dealer in your area, please contact SMART VENT Products, Inc. at 877-441-8368 or visit


About Smart Vent Products

Smart Vent Products, Inc. is the worldwide leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and takes pride in having the a FEMA-Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent product line. Founded in 2001, products are made in the United States out of marine grade 316 stainless steel. The company is fully committed to ideals of responsible corporate citizenship, and making efforts to educate consumers, design professionals, and government officials on floodplain management techniques. For more information, visit