FEMA Best Practice Story Reveals No Flood Damage for Homes Due To Flood Vents During Hurricane Sandy

Evidence Continues to Back Building Code Floodplain Requirements

As communities across the Northeast continue to rebuild from Hurricane Sandy, there is increased evidence that building to NFIP standards and beyond proved to eliminate or minimize the destruction that flooding may cause. According to a recent FEMA Best Practice Story, homeowners who built above code standards with installed automatic foundation flood vents, such as SMART VENT®, sustained absolutely no structural damage during the Superstorm.

Effective mitigation practices can break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction and repeated damage. The recent FEMA Best Practice Story discusses how, for Homeowner Bernard Bertino and Builder Ray Guzman, building to Sea Bright’s elevated code standards saved their adjoining townhomes from the massive flooding. “We originally wanted to add one foot of freeboard, but the town made us add two feet,” Guzman’s architect Paul Damiano stated. Freeboard is an increase in the elevation of a structure above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). The vents allowed floodwaters to flow easily through the structure by equalizing the build up of pressure from the force of water throughout the flood.

Sea Bright, NJ Homes

Surrounding neighborhood homes without compliant flood vents were not so fortunate. “If you look across the street, those garage doors were devastated,” Guzman said. “If we didn’t have those flood vents, the homes would not have been able to take the pressure from the water. They really saved us. We’re like a rose in the middle of a disaster.”

“Hydrostatic forces during floods destroy foundations, walls and garage doors unless properly flood vented. We applaud Mr. Bertino, Guzman and the city of Sea Bright’s building practices,” said Tom Little, Vice President of Smart Vent Products, Inc.  “Everyone rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy should read this case study to understand the importance of proper foundation flood vents.”

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