California HOA’s NFIP Flood Insurance Premiums Decreased by Over 60% from Retrofitting SMART VENTS

How retrofitting affects flood insurance and sustainability

When it comes to building codes, some property owners balk at the cost of compliance; experience, however, has taught others that the real cost is in the consequences of non-compliance. The Rengstorff Windrose Homeowners Association (RWHOA) of Mountain View, California learned this in 2009, when their NFIP flood insurance premiums unexpectedly jumped to nearly $10,000! The Association identified flood ventilation as a key area in which improvement could remedy their insurance rates. Research led them to Smart Vent Products, Inc. The company’s line of ICC-ES Certified, FEMA-Accepted flood vents were the perfect solution to the Association’s problem.

SMART VENT’s foundation flood vents are designed to be easy for a professional to retrofit into an existing structure. By allowing water pressure to equalize on either side of an enclosure during a flood event, these foundation flood vents fulfill I-Code and NFIP requirements. SMART VENT’s foundation flood vents have undergone years of development in the United States. Constant retesting ensures that the flood vents always meet the stringent qualifications to be certified engineered openings, which lets code and building officials feel confident that the flood vents will function exactly as expected.

SMART VENT in Action

But more than the physical product made the SMART VENT line the obvious choice. The SMART VENT technical teams are staffed by Certified Floodplain Managers, or CFMs. This national certification demands rigorous testing and continuing education. These CFMs are unmatched in flood venting expertise, but bring also to the table an encyclopedic knowledge of floodplain regulation, best practices, and national standards. SMART VENT has well earned its reputation for professional, insightful, and effective customer service.

SMART VENT provided the Rengstorff Windrose Homeowners Association with guidance through the convoluted worlds of flood insurance and the flood-related building codes. With the help of SMART VENT, the Homeowners Association was able to realize incredible savings. “By installing SMART VENT flood vents, our HOA of ten units is going to save over $6,000 per year on our flood insurance premiums,” according to Association President Larry Becker.

The savings gains that SMART VENT let the Association achieve are being passed on to its members. “If we had not installed the SMART VENT flood vents in 2010, our [Association] dues would have gone up 18% to cover the increased flood insurance premium on an ongoing basis. Instead, our dues are only going up 3%,” Mr. Becker reports. And if Rengstorff Windrose should encounter any new surprises in the world of floodplain regulation, Mr. Becker knows that he can turn to SMART VENT’s team for assistance.

Smart Vent Products, Inc. has won multiple industry awards for their comprehensive line of FEMA-accepted, ICC-ES certified foundation flood vents. SMART VENT products are made in the United States, with American stainless steel and labor. For more information please contact Tom Little, Vice President, at 877-441-8368, by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit the SMART VENT website at


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Smart Vent Products, Inc. is the worldwide leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and takes pride in having the a FEMA-Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent product line. Founded in 2001, products are made in the United States out of marine grade 316 stainless steel. The company is fully committed to ideals of responsible corporate citizenship, and making efforts to educate consumers, design professionals, and government officials on floodplain management techniques. For more information, visit