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SMART VENT Supports Green Building Practices in Manufacturing and in Aspects of Business Operation

Eco-Friendly testing SMART VENT has always been green. The company focus has been to produce a product that is sustainable, low maintenance, energy-efficient and economical; all elements driving the green building movement in the building industry.

Energy-efficiency is achieved with the SMART VENT Dual Function Series Vents’ innovative, temperature-controlled louvers that automatically open in warm weather and close in cold weather. Homeowners no longer need to manually close their vents in the colder weather, ensuring the protecting of pipes and maintaining safe temperatures in crawlspace areas and enclosures. This feature alone contributes to preventing heat loss during winter months, lowering energy bills significantly.

All SMART VENT models are constructed of 316 Stainless Steel that meets or exceeds flood and corrosion resistance code requirements, contributing to the sustainable design and construction aspects of being green.

The SMART VENT Insulated Series Vents are also being used in sealed or conditioned crawlspaces as well as Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) home building, the construction of choice for green building enthusiasts. The Insulated FLOOD VENT model seals out warm or cool air with a solid door and weather stripping. The 2” Styrofoam core inside of the vent has an 8.34 R-value.

“We don’t just consider green in our manufacturing process”, states Tom Little, Vice President at Smart Vent Products, Inc. and Certified Green Professional (CGP). “Because of our commitment to a sustainable approach to construction, all of our products are now minimally packaged in recycled cardboard. We are also utilizing electronic documentation whenever possible, making our product brochures available online to eliminate paper waste and converting our marketing efforts to a more internet based approach by sending e-mail, rather than paper mail.”

SMART VENT supports green building efforts and promotes and encourages their customers and the public to join the green building movement. Together we can make a difference.

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