Did You Know SMART VENTS Reduce Flood Insurance?

What is a flood vent? How does it operate? How much flood coverage does it provide? Where does it get installed? What’s the difference between the Dual-Function and Insulated model? Watch the video above to have all your Smart Vent questions answered!

Below is additional information on all of our products and services we offer to help anyone living or working in a floodzone.

Certified and Tested Flood Vents

Our line of wet floodproofing engineered flood vents are currently providing over 100 million sq. ft. of flood protection around the world today. Not only are we the worldwide leading manufacturer in foundation flood venting systems but also ICC-ES certified, FEMA Accepted, and American made. For more information on our flood vent product line visit our product catalog.

State-of-the-Art Dry Floodproofing Products

Our line of dry floodproofing products protect your critical assets while providing the flexibility to keep the property open until the last possible moment before an event occurs, and provide the fastest recovery time. Our unique line of dry flood protection products that have been developed to offer significant advantages over other systems. For more information on our dry floodproofing product lines, visit www.floodproofing.com


Complimentary Design Review

Our team of Certified Floodplain Managers and engineers will review and customize any wet and/or dry floodproofing solution to your residential or non-residential floodplain projects.  Submit your plans to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to get started today.

Need An Elevation Certificate?

In most cases, an EC is required in order to find flood mitigation procedures to help reduce flood insurance. Simply order an EC and a surveyor from our national network of professional state-licensed land surveyors to. Visit www.getmyec.com to get started.

Elevation Certificate Review

The Flood Risk Evaluator is a sub-division of ours and its goal is to review your Elevation Certificate to ensure you or your client is receiving the lowest possible flood insurance premium. Visit www.yourfloodrisk.com to have your EC evaluated today.

In-House Insurance Agency

With 20+ years of Flood Damage Prevention and Flood Insurance Risk Experience, The Risk Reduction Plus Group is our in-house insurance agency, dedicated monitoring our customer policies to ensure they are always receiving the lowest possible flood insurance premium. Visit www.riskreductionplus.com to receive a free no-obligation flood insurance quote.


AIA/HSW Approved Courses

We’ve spent many years studying the science of flood mitigation and the effects flood waters could have on a poorly protected home. In fact, the SMART VENT Team is certified to instruct and provide learning credits to Architects, Builders, Certified Floodplain Managers, Code Officials, Engineers, Insurance Agents, Realtors, and Surveyors in many states. Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request an L&L/webinar today.

Customer Testimonial

Meet The Wagners in this Best Practice Story and see how they were able to reduce their flood insurance by working with the Flood Risk Evaluator team.

“Through F.R.E., our premium went from $2,038/year to $511/year! That’s a 75% reduction! We even received a refund check from our Insurance Agent for the difference in premium since we paid up-front for the year. We’re thankful for F.R.E.’s mitigation recommendations as just a few months later we got flooded and the Smart Vents that we installed performed flawlessly and saved our home from collapsing.”-The Wagners

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