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Smart Vent now offers Dry Floodproofing for Non-Residential Building

We have partnered with ILC Dover, an aerospace materials company that has designed every NASA spacesuit since the Apollo missions, and have developed Flex-Wall™, which is born from years of experience working on floodplain designs and seeing the issues with existing dry floodproofing products. We are now a fully one stop shop for all of the industries floodproofing needs.
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Flex-Wall™ Dry FloodproofingSmart Vent Introduces Flex-Wall™

Flex-Wall™ provides a second to none dry floodproofing option:
• Point-of-use Storage: eliminating the need for off-site storage and fees
• Rapid Deployment in minutes with minimal manpower and no heavy equipment
• Scalable Designs: can be sized to fit any opening or threat
• Robust Construction & Advanced Materials: constructed with layered Kevlar® structural webbing with a coated fabric water retention layer

Flex-Wall™ Information Slides
Side-Deployed Flex-Wall™ Specification Document
Side-Deployed Flex-Wall™ Quick Reference Spec Sheet
Vertically-Deployed Flex-Wall™ Specification Document
Vertically-Deployed Flex-Wall™ Quick Reference Spec Sheet
Portal Flex-Gate™ Specification Document
Flex-Wall™ Log Impact Test Video

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Dry Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

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Dry Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

NEW CEU Course: Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

Wet Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

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Wet Floodproofing Non-Residential Buildings

Complimentary Design Review & Flood Insurance Quotes

• Allow our Certified Floodplain Managers to assist you with your custom flood vent layout.

• We will design a Smart Vent system to meet your project needs.

• The flood vent system will be plotted on your plans, and include a vent schedule that is color coded to match the corresponding Smart Vent layout of the project.

To start the complimentary design review process, please contact our technical support team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

SketchUp files now available! Visit the 3D Warehouse here.

SketchUp Model 1540-510

FEMA Best Practice Story Reveals No Flood Damage for Homes Due To Flood Vents During Hurricane Sandy

[SMART VENTS pictured in story and featured in homes] Surrounding neighborhood homes without compliant flood vents were not so fortunate. “If you look across the street, those garage doors were devastated,” Builder Ray Guzman said. “If we didn’t have those flood vents, the homes would not have been able to take the pressure from the water. They really saved us. We’re like a rose in the middle of a disaster.”

Beautiful Design Starts with a Structurally Sound Foundation. Smart Vent supports Architects with flood venting solutions that combine aesthetics and code compliance with certified performance. During a flood event, poorly protected homes will give way to hydrostatic pressure caused by quickly rising floodwater, crumbling foundations and destroying the structural integrity of the building.

Building Codes and FEMA Requirements state that flood venting is required for homes built in certain flood zones. Provide your clients with unparalleled protection and guarantee them the lowest possible NFIP Flood Insurance Premium by specifying SMART VENTS.

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We’ve spent many years studying the science of flood mitigation and the effects flood waters could have on a poorly protected home. In fact, the SMART VENT Team is certified to instruct and provide learning credits to Architects, Builders, Certified Floodplain Managers, Code Officials, Engineers, Insurance Agents, Realtors, and Surveyors in many states.

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